Race Training


Two sessions on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Early Session: - Wednesday 6.30 – 8pm & Sunday 6.00 – 7.00pm

Late Session: - Wednesday 8.15-9.45pm & Sunday 7.15-8.15pm



Race Development 

Tuesdays: - 6.30pm to 8.30pm






Below is an account of our ATC Ski Camp from October 2012 by Lara Burgart


Hi everyone!


Thank you for a great 6 days of skiing together.  It started off foggy and cold, but the majority of the week was sun, blue skies, cold snow, and even some powder, which all made for excellent training conditions!  There were no injuries, no bad incidents to report, just superb skiing with a terrific bunch of trainees from various ski clubs.


ATC booked lane space everyday and we were able to train beside some of the best teams in the world.   Seeing Kostelic ski by, is always inspiring.


The ATC coaches, have both National and International Team training experience.  The coaches focused on changing, and building, solid technical skiing.  So whether you want to be a ski racer or be able to handle all snow conditions and enjoy your own skiing more, the coaching team worked on being "agents of change".


The first 2 days were SL training, and then we switched to GS training, and then mixed it up.   The pistes were 200 metres wide, so we took full advantage of this, working on big turns and skiing fast.  In Scotland, there isn't a lot of opportunity for this type of skiing, let alone training, so some of the trainees had never experienced what proper GS felt like. Some trainees tried GS skis out for the first time.  We focused on clean-arced turns in SL and GS; with much bigger body position angles then most of the trainees were used to, trying to get hands and bums closer to the hill leaning right in to it.   When you are used to skiing on smaller lanes and pistes, like we are in Scotland, it is very difficult not to stand up and be a taller skier, rather then, leaning right into the turn creating big angles, like you were able to practice this past week.  It was fantastic seeing the huge improvements in performance and the buzz of GS skiing catching on.


We worked on the skis, getting them tuned and race ready for the first couple of nights, after this we conveniently used the ATC locker near the lifts to keep the skis in.  We also did some fitness training in the evenings, a question and answer session with Dave Ryding (one of Britain's top ski racers), and had nightly meetings reviewing the day, and discussing what the plan would be for the following day.


We saw trainees become more responsible after the first 2 days of the camp, being able to find their way around the hill, look after themselves and their equipment. For those trainees who had never been away on a ski camp before, doing this camp, was a massive achievement.  It was long, hard days of skiing, it was in another country, and having to take care of yourself and everything you need to go skiing everyday, without your parents around to help, is a great life experience.


The hotel staff and the coaches really appreciated how well behaved this group of skiers were (are). The trainees were respectful and courteous, and all got on with each other and were just good fun.  It is a massive credit to you, the trainees, but also to your families.


This camp gave you a window into what a ski race training camp is like, and what top athletes do when they go away for training camps.


I hope you enjoyed it, and you (and your parents) will be back for the next camp.


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