Adult Morning


Beginners - Monday 9.30am - 11.30am for 3 weeks

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All levels - Friday 9.30am - 11.30am for 3 weeks

Ski Levels

Level 1

Confidently move around on skis and do narrow gliding snowplough. Show effective posture and balance and able to ski from the bump on the main slope.

Level 2 Basic two footed rotary snowplough turns-narrow poughs. Basic control of speed and line. Use of different turn shapes and sizes controlled skiing from various start points above the bump.
Level 3 Rounded snowplough turns - narrow plough. Controlled skiing from top of main slope. Effective use of various turn shapes to control speed. Introduction to stretching and bending and basic understanding of the effect of pressure.
Level 4 Skiing faster with control and with effective use of various turn shapes. Gentle smooth movements allowing skis to match naturally. Skis matching after the fall line, within the turn-not traversing.
Level 5 Skis matching at or before the fall line with smooth natural movement. Skiing in control on the jump slope with effective side slipping. Unaided use of differing turn shapes and rhythms. Introduction to duel slalom, small mobile ramps and table top.
Level 6 Rotary parallel turns with totally simultaneous edge change. Use of poles for correctly timed pole implants. Confidently using all features on the jump slope. Basic carving in long turns, no foot rotation.