SUNDAY 1.00PM - 3.00PM

Snowboard Level Cards

Level 1

Learning basic mobility, straight running, using rope tow, tow edge side slipping and traversing on tow edge.

Level 2 Heel edge side slipping and control of descent, traversing on heel edge, introduction of poma tow and falling leaf on heel and toe edge.
Level 3 Toe and heel edge garlands, J turns committing to fall line, and introduction to basic turns attempted travelling regular and goofy.
Level 4 Basic side slipping, initiating turn & committing to fall line transferring to next edge, establishing leading foot and confident control of body and boards.
Level 5 Good timing and coordination, variable turn shapes, awareness of pressure through maneouvres fore/aft, lateral and vertical, dynamic short turns and intro to carving.
Level 6 Carving, advanced riding, freestyle, racing, instructor preparation/training, this level can be tailored to the particular class or client.